Below are some of the most commonly asked questions about shooting and DSG. If you have a query about something not covered here, please feel free to contact us

Is it hard for a disabled person to shoot in a wheelchair?

It is no doubt tougher than shooting standing but we have some top shots in wheelchairs in all disciplines. We suggest you come along and have a go with these and they will help you adjust and improve your skills.

Can I shoot one armed?

Definitely we have members in the group the shoot one armed , and also in a chair and one armed. There are also people who make special equipment to help hold guns and load guns.

Do I qualify having a false leg(s)?

Yes , there is a disabled standing category and sitting category so as long as you feel comfortable your welcome.

How old do I have to be ?

There is no minimum age as such to shoot a shotgun ; however we would recommend 10 upwards depending on the individuals physicality. We would suggest starting with a smaller bore gun such as a 28 bore or 20 bore  Gun stocks can be easily shortened. To have your own license again there is no limit however to shoot a gun in public un-accompanied the age is 18 years old. We need young shooters and more importantly young disabled shooters.

Am I to old to start?

As long as your safe and physically capable of holding the gun then certainly not; We have members well into their eighties.

Is it expensive ?

You can make it as cheap or as expensive as you wish. A shotgun certificate will cost around £50 for five years, a DSG membership £25 initially then £15 per year and a CPSA membership is around £50 a year. With regards to buying a gun you can spend from £50 into the thousands.  A round of 50 cartridges and clays would cost you around £25 at a typical ground and a lesson from £35 per hour

Can I have some lessons ?

The DSG can organise lessons and coaching days for you or you could go to your local ground and organise something for yourself. We do generally get improved rates especially when there is a group of us having a lesson / coaching session.